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Offering beautiful, boutique Country Inspired children's Clothing and accessories.

We're also here to support you on your cloth journey. no matter what stage you're at.

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Benefits of reusable cloth products

Kinder on our planet

Saving the planet one nappy or wipe at a time. Even just one less disposable nappy a day will help ease the stress on our planet

More gentle on babies

Cloth options are more gentle on the skin of most, but especially babies.

Easy on the wallet

Cloth families can save between $1000-$2000 in the first 3 years of a little ones life

We want to do what we can now

Here at Cloth Inspired we want to help you on your journey no matter what stage you are at. Whether you are new to cloth, haven't started yet or are already on your journey, we want to be here to support you.

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