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The Lingo

Have you been looking at websites, descriptions and social media and wondering what on earth some of these words or acronyms mean?
Well let's clear a few up below
WAHM – Work at home Maker/Mum
MCN – Modern Cloth Nappy
OSFM – One size fits most
LOSFM – Large one size fits most
AI0 – All in One style
AI2 – All in 2 style
TE – Tummy elastics
NB - Newborn
RAOK - Random Act of Kindness
OTB - On the bum
CCN – Clean Cloth Nappies
PUL – Polyurethan Laminate
MF - Microfiber
Trifold - an insert that can be folded into thirds
Insert - the main absorbency in a nappy
Booster - an insert that is added to increase absorbency
Cover/Shell - is the outer part of the nappy, the waterproof cover
Snaps - small plastic studs that snap together to fasten the nappy
Gusset - an extra row of elastic in the groin area to aid in preventing leaks
Wetbags - a waterproof bag that has multiple uses, one of which is storing dirty nappies
Cloth Wipes - reusable wipes as an alternative to disposable wet wipes
Stash - Collection of nappies
Dry Pail - An airy basket/container to store your dirty nappies between main washes (without water)
Delaminating - When the waterproof layer separates from the outer layer of the nappy
Fluff mail - Delivery of cloth nappies in the mail
Prep - Preparing your cloth nappies for use - usually involves washing new inserts repeatedly to increase absorbency
Strip & Sanitise - Is a cleaning process which removes stains and smells such as ammonia build up that can cause redness and rashes. This process is also used when purchasing nappies second hand