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Our Journey

Cloth Inspired came about with a combined passion for cloth, and helping others.  My name is Bethany. I'm a Mum of 3 beautiful and all very different babies.  I have a son Connor who is 4, a daughter Emilia who is 2 and another little boy Nash who is 1 year young.  They keep me incredibly busy as many of you know and experience the same.  

We started Cloth with Emilia at 6 weeks old.  She was a tiny little thing and they looked so big!! I wished immediately that I would have done Cloth with Connor, but it wasn't even on my radar when I had him.  We used disposables and the plastic bins, with plastic bags and we threw so much away into landfill.

With Emilia it was daunting at first, I kept getting myself worked up, and then I just dove in!  With a good wash routine and the support of the Cloth Community I found my groove and quickly got addicted!

I began my journey with a trial pack and it helped me so much to decide what I liked, what worked, and what I wanted to use.  With the help of the Cloth Community and all the wonderful Facebook groups, I was able to cement a great fit and perfect a good wash routine.

When coming up with the idea for Cloth Inspired, I wanted to help people along their cloth journey! I want to assist those who are new to cloth find their perfect fit for them. As well as having all the amazing different suppliers and WAHM's in a one stop shop.

I found myself inspired by all the reusable cloth product options out there and all the ways I could make a difference and reduce my contribution to landfill.  We now choose to reuse in many aspects of our life - nappies, wipes, face wipes, wetbags, breast pads and menstrual pads. I'm always open to ideas on how I can reduce my footprint.

Please peruse the products, have a look at the trial packs, lock in a WAHM trial pack and read up on all the tips and tricks to help you on your way, whatever stage you're at!

I would also like to thank my dear friend Ros who has done all the gorgeous artwork you see throughout the website.  Ros is very talented, and I'm honoured to have her art on my website, and I'm passionate about Australian Flora and Fauna - thank you Ros!  

Please email using our contact page if you have any questions, or anything I can help with. And from my family to yours, much love for choosing to visit us here at Cloth Inspired.