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How it works

Our hire packages are a mix of new and preloved modern cloth nappies
Hire periods are a minimum of 4 weeks to ensure you get the most out of hiring them. This can be extended upon request.
Minimum 3 nappies in a hire pack.
Due to the love for these WAHMS there is a LIMIT of 1 NAPPY per customer in each brand/style
Please choose between Boy, Girl, Neutral for print choice.
Security deposit is $50 for up to 4 nappies, $100 for more than 4 nappies.
This is FULLY REFUNDED upon the return of your hired nappies in specified condition
Your security deposit invoice is issued post order via email and payment is required before your items will be shipped
You have the option to purchase the nappy if it's love, or return if not.
Purchase prices will be included in your parcel.  We’ll invoice you for the ones you would like to keep.
If those brands weren’t what you’re after, we offer free shipping on your next hire bundle.
We also offer a 20% discount on purchases post hire – excludes WAHM items.
We currently offer a WAHM night nappy pack. 
Due to the limited availability of these nappies, we DO NOT offer them for purchase post hire.
Minimum 4 week hire period
The post hire perk still remains with the makers of these nappies.
All preloved nappies will be sanitised prior to you receiving them according to Clean Cloth Nappies (CCN) guidelines.
Please note at Cloth Inspired we follow a strict wash routine according to CCN guidelines.  We use OMO Sensitive washing liquid.
Please note, brand new nappies will come to you unwashed, and will need a minimum 4-6 washes to reach maximum absorbency as recommended by most brands.
We are available to help you – no matter what stage you’re at.
Please send us an email at if you have any questions or need help with making your selections.